Friday, 14 October 2011


Right in a futile effort to catch up dispensing with the usual format. I'm almost 20 days behind on the blog now so here are ten films in exactly ten words each (unless they're not, I can't be bothered to check them):

30: Minutes or Less - Little too mean spirited to be fully funny but ok.
The Change-Up - Oh Jason Bateman, you do keep picking really crappy movies
Reefer Madness - Not nearly as unintentionally funny as hoped until the end.
Operation: Endgame - Doesn't open up it's full comedic potential, action's surprisingly decent.
Melancholia - Great but can you ever like a Von Trier film?
Riffifi - Splendidly tense caper movie with a cool gloss and pacy.
Midnight in Paris - Delightful whimsy, so much better than Allen's last few films.
Johnny English Reborn - Horrid, uninspired slapstick and obvious gags chore to get through.
Two Weeks to Live - '40s comedy takes a long time to get to set-up
MacGruber - Strangely pointless Action film spoof with requisite gross out gags.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Killing’s easy. Living with it is the hard part

Killer Elite (2011)
Chosen by me because I like to go to the cinema a lot.

Terribly dull, supposedly truth based actioner which has some oddness in it's UK/USA/Australia mix.
Every tortured line of dialogue is a cliche, the fight scenes mostly bland even when introducing some silliness (a remote controlled fuel truck) and the acting is, well about normal for a Statham movie.
DeNiro is ridiculous at trying to be a badass.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How about this - shut your mouth or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and I'll shut it for you.

Drive/Crazy Stupid Love/Half Nelson (2011/2011/2006)
Chosen by me because I like the cinema and a friend lent me Half Nelson. 

A trio of movies all with interesting, powerful performances from Gosling going to different ends.
Drive is a terrific, pared down thriller where you have to gather two people fall for each other just by looking ad at each other. It manages to be cool, though slightly forced, with an amazing soundtrack and great actors in the secondary roles (a lot has been said of Albert Brooks, quite rightly, but Christina Hendricks really excels in a small role).
Crazy, Stupid Love is probably the weakest of the three. Another small scale 'indy' styled comedy vehicle for Steve Carrell it starts, slightly worringly, suggesting Carrell should become an asshole to get women but is funny enough to get away with it and does make some effort to explore this notion on a more than just a surface level.
Half Nelson relies on the power of it's central actors for a slight but compelling tale of a student and teacher.