Monday, 21 January 2013

Well, here I am

Highest grossing film of the year but did it make my list?

Yeah, so.
The last year has not been a great one for me on a personal level (part of the reason for no blogging), but on a cultural one? Not too shabby. Many great books and films were consumed. Short aside to mention a couple of the best books last year - Nao of Brown, really great slice of life stuff with an amazingly compelling lead character and beautiful artwork. Saga, in reductive critical terms a Star Wars for adults. But deeper than that, stunning, shocking and more than a little rude on occasion. And New Deadwardians, a terrific well realised world of vampires and zombies that feels fresh and yet comfortable (full disclosure - I'm friends with the artist but it pleases me that I don't have to lie about the stuff he works on).

Right on to the movies then.

Top 10 of the Year (in no particular order)

1. Moonrise Kingdom.
2. Avengers (or Marvel Avengers Assemble if you'd prefer)
3. Cabin in the Woods
5. Life of Pi
6. Headhunters
7. Looper
8. The Master
9. Seven Psychopaths
10. Argo

Bubbling under (some of them quite far under but they were fun): Chronicle, Cosmopolis, Premium Rush, Dredd, The Raid.

Bottom 5 of the Year (no order)
1. This Means War
2. Lock Out
3. Taken 2
4. The Expendables 2
5. Total Recall

That was a much easier choice last year. Most of those are better than any that made my bottom list of 2011 with the exception perhaps of This Means War, which was just repugnant.

Most overrated by critics: Hmm. Nothing really stands out for something I saw. So I'll plump for Anna Karenina, which I didn't see but would almost certainly loathe.

Most overrated by fanboys: Another tricky one. Reception seemed more muted or even strongly divided for Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and The Hobbit than some of the previous winners. Think we'll have to go for Dark Knight here as it's the worst of those three (and I think The Hobbit is ok)

The 'Borat' Award for best naked wrestling: Not sure why I keep doing this award. Django Unchained would probably have it if it got released slightly earlier here.

The 'Assault on Precinct 13' remake Award for best 'that was surprisingly decent' film: Premium Rush. An action film on a bike. Really good fun.

The 'I wish I had actually paid the extra to see this in 3D' Award: Life of Pi. But cineworld don't charge extra for me now so I actually did see it in 3D.