Friday, 16 January 2015


Big Hero 6 (2014)

A lesser known comic property owned by Disney Big Hero 6 attempts to do for superheroes what Kung Fu Panda did for, umm, kung fu and How to Train your Dragon did for dragons.
And in Baymax (despite the 6 in the title this film is really only concerned with 1) it almost succeeds. A sweet funny creation with an adorable design and good voicework from Scott Adsit (and presumably a computer). 
But the film suffers from a lack of specificity. It's never as funny as the Incredibles and, despite an interesting mix of San Francisco and Tokyo as it's location, has less palpable world building. 
It loses more focus as it brings in the other characters to be the Avengers of this world, only one - a slacker with Batman style money, gets anything more than a cursory depth and baymax himself becomes duller the more armour and fighting skills he has.
Still, a pleasant enough movie.

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