Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Disobey, and you die.

Eagle Eye (2008)

Astoundingly bad, along with Wanted probably the stupidest film of the year.
Dull, nonsensical action scenes punctuate pointless exposition and a less than thrilling mystery. 

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  1. Hi there. I too thought this was a load of guff, and couldn't agree more with your label "who keeps casting that little twerp". Here's what I wrote back when this baby terd was delivered unto the cinema public.

    Eagle Eye - .5 stars
    This is rubbish. Shia LaBeouf (apparently pronounced Shya La Buff) must have done something pretty good in a previous life because for some strange reason he is young Hollywood royalty right now. This film strings together a bunch of action/thriller clichés with the odd try-hard poignant moment (EG: single mother just trying to do what's best for her son or my dad liked my dead brother better than me!) all the while forgetting that the "big twist" has been entirely lifted from "I Robot". This is a dumbed-down version of I Robot for the ADD generation including the obligatory number of ludicrous car chases, incompetent US armed forces, over zealous terrorist investigators, and other thin plot devices. You will be questioning how ridiculous the premise for this film is, and the round-about way the "villain" goes about its task, by at least half way in and thinking of ways to get your money back. Please don't waste your time on this film. The less we see of Shia, the better.