Friday, 26 September 2014

Sometimes a good guy wins

Cold in July (2014)

Great companion to The Guest, recently reviewed on here. A taut, funny, interesting film with compelling leads and sterling work from Sam Shepard in particular though all are good in this.
Starting with a believably uncomfortable home invasion situation and flitting from one set of genre trapings to the next (a tight suspenseful horror set up gives way to a very funny mismatched buddy flick to an exciting action climax) it does so with confidence and gusto, always feeling like a whole piece.
It rather strangely does drop certain plotlines as it moves along, mirroring the way the main character loses track of what it is he wants from the people and events around him. 
Unlike The Guest, which evokes the era but is set modern day, Cold in July is actually period set (indeed plot machinations revolve around a video store) but never forces this issue and feels natural though well defined.

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