Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Mr. Turner (2014)

Timothy Spall just inhabits the role completely. At times sounding like patient zero for a zombie film, his command of the screen is total and fascinating.
The film skips the usual broad biopic pitfalls. Despite a long running time it concentrates on the late period of Turner's life, he is already a celebrated and accomplished artist, there is thankfully no 'lightbulb' sequence of how his inspiration hits him.
The film can be a little daunting in a way. It gives little exposition, trusting perhaps to a knowledge of the painter's life already (I have none) but the little details are enough to fill the film with incident whilst having not much happening.
Leigh apes the paintings of Turner himself in the visual style of the film, leaving a lush lasting piece of work that applauds but does not whitewash a singular individual.

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