Monday, 3 November 2014

You killed that poor girl, and now the devil has claimed you.

Horns (2013)

Woefully misguided. As horror - it has none. As morality tale - it's message is mixed. As blackly pitched character comedy - it's not funny. 
Radcliffe is better here than ever before but he still lacks a deeper charisma. The film is completely lacking in subtlety, a dreadful voice-over slamming it's points into to after the visuals already have.
Juno Temple is wasted on a girl next door cypher whose only moment of agency in the film is something from a Nicolas Sparks novel.
The central mystery is neither compelling nor a good use of framework to hang a twisted look at small town politics on. The revelations are skin deep, the supposed pay off for characters not even worthy of the feeblest Cryptkeeper tale.
Rape and murder of an innocent young woman used to what end? 
A trifle with a blank slate as it's lead.

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