Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I play piano, this is just another gig. Nothing else

 Grand Piano (2013)

You wait for one ludicrous part spanish Elijah Wood thriller and then two come along like implausible buses.
Despite the last (yesterday's look at Open Windows) directly concerning voyeurism this is the more Hitchcockian of the two (there is a vicious edit from a killing to a cello being played that seems in his darkly humorous wheelhouse) and certainly the better.
Just as baffling and probably as idiotic about piano concertos as Open Windows was about cameras this one even has a secondary character question the villains plot and not get a satisfactory answer.
It's fairly stylishly done and mostly zippy but in the end far too straightforward. The bad guy (a disembodied voice for the most part as they almost always seem to be in these things) does what he does and there are no real zags to the plot meaning the ending kinda sits there inert. Open Windows at least went all out for rug pulling, Grand Piano needed a touch more of the baroque about it to go along with the 'impossible' piece of music Wood has to perform.

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