Monday, 15 December 2014

It's depressing that the words "secret agent" have become synonymous with "sex maniac."

Casino Royale (1967)

An absolute mess. Anything with about 10 credited writers and directors was not going to turn out even approaching cohesive. Bits of the plot come from the book and then there is a hodge podge of whatever else they could throw in. Literally, given the pointless cameos that spot the film in it's climax. It involves a past retirement age Bond (like A View to a Kill), the child of Mata Hari and James bond, M's toupee, Ronnie Corbett larking around with a dicky ticker, remote control explosive milk vans and everyone calling themselves James Bond. For some reason.  All to a poppy Burt Bacharach sound.
And then everyone dies, 
It's kind of wonderful whilst being in no objective reality at all, any good.
Sort of like Austin Powers if the Mike Myers characters had been called James Bond and Blofeld and was about 40 mins longer. 

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