Friday, 24 February 2012

I want you to punish me.

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Rather frustrating (or am I projecting my sexual hang ups onto the movie eh Freud?). It's a solidly made, good looking film with yet another strong performance from Fassbender. 
Yet, it suffers from a couple of major flaws.
One: Keira Knightly is just awful. Full of nervous tics and accent crutches her performance never feels real and derails from the underplayed work of Mortensen and Fassbender.
Two: The whole thing is just dramatically inert. It never really comes to grips with the origins of psychoanalysis preferring to reduce things to a spattering of spanking sessions with Keira Knightly, and the clash of great minds between Freud and Jung is mostly dealt with by a couple of letters. Hardly scintillating conflict, unless you are particularly enamored of Knightley's tits I guess.

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