Friday, 10 February 2012

They are an unholy curse from the beast we call the Desolate One.

Clerks II (2006)

Still going through my reviews from 2006 in no particular order. Will try to get some 2012 movies up next week.
Clerks II returns to the two main characters from Smith's first and funniest film in a movie that should please his fans but lacks the iconic impact of the foul mouthed original. As with Jersey Girl and Chasing Amy, Clerks II wishes to examine the personal life of his characters more than just mining them for comedic bits, but the film only really works when it's simply trying to be funny. Luckily this is quite a bit. Rosario Dawson proves more than able in making Smith's dialogue (including such thoughts on whether ass to mouth is acceptable) plausible and her character adorable but you never quite get why she likes Dante, which dramatically reduces the interest in the romance plot.
It lacks some of the sharp one liners of his previous films but coasts on a familiarity that is pleasing and a refusal to quite play by the rules (one of the sappiest scenes is beautifully undermined by the Tijuana donkey show happening concurrently).

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