Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It could be the end of Spider-Man

Spider-Man 3

I've really been enjoying my trawl through my old reviews. It may be big-headed but I like a lot of the things I write, I often make myself laugh. So here's another.

Despite an exceptionally lazy script and more of the irritating directorial decisions that marred the first (how many times can you cut away from the action to see some new york kid exclaim 'wicked cool' or gasp in shock?) Spider-man 3 still manages to pack a punch.
The action sequences are exciting, terrifically realised and the non action sections are mostly, when taken individually, well acted or funny or interesting.
Unfortunately taken as a whole those scenes don't seem to lead into each other. Events happen by pure coincidence, nothing seems followed up on, characters seem to have little to no memory of, or reaction to, earlier events (and that's not even including the lousy plot contrivance of an actual amnesia).
Thomas Hayden Church is excellent in the underwritten role of Sandman, and his characters 'origin' scene is one of the best of the film.
Tobey Maguire excels as a nerd (though he is hampered by the script when it comes to his scenes with M.J.), exemplified by the part when he struts down the street in a bizarre homage to Saturday Night Fever. It whimsically captures how a geek might consider himself as cool and the baffled onlookers show, that despite his confidence, he's still an outcast at core.

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