Friday, 4 February 2011

I'm a fireman. We don't arrest people.

An Accidental Husband (2008)
Chosen by the Quad Cinema in Derby. Kinda.

Once a month I attend with some friends (including some people you have seen or will be seeing quoted on these very pages) a film quiz at the splendid Quad Cinema in Derby. Often we do well enough to get into the top three and win some prizes, usually some free tickets and a book or dvd sometimes signed posters are up for grabs (curse the team that just beat us out for a signed 500 days of Summer one!).
Well last night we came third. And one of my team mates came back from the box office with the prizes in hand including this film. Which I had never actually heard of. I don't recall seeing one trailer for it (and I go to the cinema a fair bit you could say) or a review.

All of that was a way of me padding out this entry because I have so little to say about the film itself. A rather dull, by the numbers affair with little sparkle or wit and bland characters who aren't even interesting enough to be unlikeable.

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