Friday, 25 February 2011

Mom, Dad, I really love you guys. I wanted to take this time to say the times we've spent together have been awesome.

127 Hours (2010)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot and friend and contributor to the blog Lauren Parker was doing an introduction for it at the Quad cinema in Derby.

Why would anyone watch Titanic if you know the ship sinks at the end? This was said by every wag going and completely misses the way people view movies. The ending doesn't actually matter, we watch movies for a journey. No-one thinks that James Bond will lose. 127 Hours is based on a fairly famous real life event, so there is little tension to be had as you might expect from if this was a fictional film. Aron Ralston's name is in the credits at the start of the film to say this is based on his book. The question is never will he get out? Or even to a lesser degree, how will he get out? But what manner of man would do this? How would you get into this situation?
Boyle is one of Britain's foremost film makers bringing a great sense of style and immediacy to everything he does. Bolstered by a blistering performance from James Franco, 127 Hours is never dull, often funny and life affirming. The film positvely sizzles, capturing the sense of thirst and loss incredibly well.
Ralston may have been a bit of a twat for getting into the trouble he did but it's hard not to be sympathetic and  warmed by the ending (although there is a very spurious link made to the horrific event and Ralston finding his wife).

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