Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Welcome to Potters Bluff!

Dead and Buried (1981)
Chosen by Lauren Parker who had this to say about it: 'Dead and Buried is just a great film I think everyone should see as it's not that well known. It has amazing gore effects and just has something about it I can't quite place my finger on.'

The second of three horror films lent to me by Lauren (knowing that I am a big wimp - I'm sure she is trying to give me a heart attack) and an interesting but flawed mini gem.
Opening slowly but strikingly, it immediately sets up an intriguing mystery that turns out to be a cross between Invasion of the Bodysnatchers and a zombie film.
With a couple of stronger performances (especially the lead James Farentino who comes close to Troll 2 levels in expressing his disbelief whilst watching a home movie) and a more coherent ending (i'm not sure anything really made any sense, but certainly not the timeline of events) we may have had a real hidden classic.
As it is, it's well worth catching, with some creepy atmospherics, some good gore (though a man's face being injected with acid is not so great) and unusual take on zombie cliches.


  1. Been on my 'Watch For Free' Lovefilm list for aaaaages, this one. Pleasing to hear its not bobbins.


  2. great low-budget horror with sleepy creepy seaside atmosphere and it has that great 70's/early 80's bleak washed out look.. trivia buffs take note: robert 'freddy' englund is in the movie from memory. Welcome to Potter's Bluff!