Sunday, 20 February 2011

you're not going to marry me because i don't make you laugh?

Paris Je T'aime (2006)
Chosen by me from my stack of unwatched DVDs.

I love short story books, comic anthologies and the like. Paris Je T'aime is a delightful collection of twenty different filmmakers making short odes to love and Paris. As with anything like this, some are better than others (but ask ten different people for their most and least favourite and you'll get ten different answers) but most are at least interesting (and short enough if they are not).
Filled with whimsy and sadness and romance and grief it covers a multitude of ways at looking at it's subjects, some full stories but others just fleeting moments in time.
Standouts are the Coens with a very funny tale and a great gag involving a tourist guidebook and Alexander Payne's story following a wonderful Margo Martindale falling in love with the city delivered in a very badly accented French voice-over (that is read with so much detail it should be used as a textbook example of delivering character through v.o.) that ends the film on a powerful, sad but not depressing note.

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