Saturday, 9 April 2011

Black Dynamite, that was the best loving I ever had.

Black Dynamite (2009)
Chosen by Andrew who had this to say: 'Black Dynamite is a spot on spoof of blaxploitation cinema with a solid performance by satr and co-writer Michael Jai White. Recommended just for the nunchuck fight with a certain disgraced United States President.'
Often very, very funny indeed with some spot on gags but it's slightly too long to sustain it's joke which relies on pointing out time and time again that many of these films were badly made.
It's on firmer footing when spoofing script elements (everyone, including his aunt calls him Black Dynamite) than the bits of fluffed filming and when playing fast and loose with plot (it takes time to visit a secret kung fu island and the White House) can be hilarious.
Like Hot Fuzz it has an old lady being kicked, which is just never not funny I guess.

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