Thursday, 21 April 2011

You get sand in places you never knew you had

The Last Drop (2006)
Chosen by Darron Bowley who had this to say: 'This is Kinda a weird film for me. Honestly, it's not that great a film but despite that I do like it, more for what it could have been than what it was though. It had great potential, good story Idea, not a bad cast, some interesting characters (especially the two rogue Germans) but somehow it just doesn't seem to all come together like it should. It should have been the British Kelly's Heroes and maybe with tighter scripting it could have pulled that off but ultimately it didn't. Oh, and then there is the completely random Michael Madsen cameo, WTF?'

What an odd beast. It starts as a fairly straight war story, cutting in black and white images amongst some fairly poor special effects and an interesting low key approach to action. But it soon turns into a Kelly's Heroes style romp with strange anachronisms (some rock music plays over a sequence involving a mined road) and a peculiar sense of morals (two Germans are ostensibly the lead roles, whose motives for robbery/revenge seem justified by the film - though I must have missed exactly why the SS guy betrayed them)
It never gels all it's tones into something particularly watchable, performances vary (Madsen is just awful) from an eclectic cast (Jack Dee?). Too silly for a serious war film, but also not fun enough for an adventure flick.

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