Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Worth waiting for.

Ice Cold In Alex (1958)
Chosen by Darron Bowley who had this to say: 'A true British film, wherein the making of tea is a key plot point! beautifully cinematography, brilliant acting and tense plotting all comes together in a very famous pay off. I found this film so engrossing, I genuinely forgot it was in black and white while I was watching it'

Absolutely splendid. And possibly the greatest advert for Carlsberg ever (I'm teetotal and even I fancied a sip of that very badly poured beer in the films famous climax - spoilerphobes must hate that dvd cover).
It plays with the cliches of this kind of tale (a trip through mine infested sand, a potential traitor) extremely well with only a little repetition (but not so much as to be dull) and manages to find it's focus in complex, interesting characters, well performed by all the cast.
There's great humanism displayed here both from German Soldiers (including Walter Gotell) and the main cast, with an especially touching moment at the end that doesn't fully ring true but feels right.

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