Friday, 29 April 2011

Can I see yours?

The Tattooist (2007)
Chosen by Brian Marshall who had this to say: 'a horror movie of sorts about tattoos and tattoo artists, what more do you want?'

What more? Oh something good would be nice.
This is like one of those X-Files episodes that focuses on some communities' superstitions and ancient ways. But it lacks anybody to really care about and in clocking in at 90 odd mins has to have a whole lot of nothing happen before reaching it's obvious, inevitable conclusion.
What would be a minor, forgettable X File becomes an absolute chore only reaching anything interesting about twice - a silly hospital scene where the phantom tattoos seem to make one woman's body want to re-enact a famous scene from The Thing and a 'chav' (or whatever the New Zealand/Samoan version of a 'chav' would be?) boy who can communicate with spirits but needs to speed in a car listening to very loud music to do so for some reason.

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