Thursday, 7 April 2011


Ring 0: Birthday
Chosen by Victoria Charvill who had this to say: 'If you enjoyed Ring, this is a must-see. After the disappointment of 2, this was a return to form. Nakamo does a wonderful job of portraying Sadako's attempt at a normal life in this poignant doomed love story.'

Going to have to disagree with Victoria a great deal here. I found this to be an incredibly dull pointless prequel  that has nothing to match the power of Sadako crawling out of the teevee and instead almost seems a parody the Japanese horror cycle. Can we retire the tinkle-tinkle music used to denote something is creepy yet? (I always think of it as an X-Files thing for some reason but it was certainly used earlier like the bit with the spiders in Raiders of the Lost Ark). Sadako is a blank (with good, if confusing - it's been years since I saw the original, what was all the nonsense with the swimmers?- reason I guess) so it's difficult to care over her and Toyama's relationship (he's not much deeper of a character either) and it's hard to get worked up over anything here.

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