Friday, 20 January 2012

According to this, you're already dead.

Jacob's Ladder (1990)

A few quick words from me and then something a little different today because it tickled me.
I find the love for this movie baffling. A contrived, rather dull exercise in plot twistery. 
It has a pretty interesting cast but is too long, and silly when not boring.

However whilst on IMDB for a quote I came across this gem of a review from registered user uds3:
My favourite part I will quote here:

To those who view the ending as "rushed," "unsatisfying," "obscure" even "dumb" as I recall, I would merely suggest you watch it again and take into account the likelihood is, that it is in fact YOU that has missed what has been so cleverly set out for you. SIGNS was equally misunderstood by the majority of people that even liked it - there never WERE any aliens!

Brilliant. His review of Signs makes about as much sense as Jacob's Ladder does, check it out.

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