Tuesday, 10 January 2012

No one gives a toss about Charlton Heston

Bronson (2008)

I kind of ignored this when it came out. I heard it had some pretty good reviews and a lot of praise for Tom Hardy but it slipped me by.
Then, at the monthly film quiz held at the Quad cinema in Derby, a clip was shown and it was completely unlike how I had imagined. So much so I did not recognise what movie it was though one of my team-mates did. It looked like a film from the '70s. Something Ken Russell might make.
Now having caught up with it on film4 whilst at the parents over Christmas it really does fit that impression.
Stylish, off-beat, theatrical and with a terrific central performance (and with lot's of full frontal nudity so I believe the cliche term would be 'brave') it (along with Drive) marks Refn as a director I should be paying much more attention to (someone has lent me Valhalla Rising, I shall have to see about getting hold of the Pusher films).

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