Monday, 2 January 2012

It's that time of year again.

2011: An Incomplete Odyssey.
Is this still done live? Such a daft decision.
For various reasons A Film A Day broke down late into last year. But at least a couple of people asked what happened to it so I am bringing it back. The way it works shall be slightly different but not by much. I still intend to have the rule that if you lend something to me I have not seen I have to watch it. But now am expanding this slightly so that if you have requests for 'reviews' (I hesitate to call them that) of any film I have already seen I will do so as long as not already covered by the blog. 
So the big rule that is changing is that the films no longer have to be ones I haven't seen before and will allow me to cover some old and new favourites if I so wish.
I imagine the write ups will still generally be very short and contain very little information but anybody reading this should be use to that by now.

Anyway here is a bunch of stuff I found interesting in the last year.

Top 5 of the Year (in no particular order)
Actually I normally do a top 5 but this year seemed especially good for film (there's a still a few I suspect could make this list but I didn't get around to seeing), so I shall do Top 10 instead

Bubbling under: Paul, Animal Kingdom, The Fighter, Rango, Melancholia, 127 Hours, Black Swan, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, Win Win, Source Code, Super, Hugo, Arrietty, 

Bottom 5 of the Year (no order)
4. Just Go With it (can't find my entry for this so no link)

Most overrated by critics: not sure on this one (very easy choice last year) I didn't like Animal Kingdom or Hugo as much as some but still them a great deal.

Most overrated by fanboys: Sucker Punch, not just because I found it thematically repugnant but because it's action scenes are horrid.

The 'Borat' Award for best naked wrestling: The Skin I Live In (she's not so much naked as wearing a form fitting skin coloured suit but for the purposes of this it'll work dammit).

The 'Assault on Precinct 13' remake Award for best 'that was surprisingly decent' film: Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The 'I wish I had actually paid the extra to see this in 3D' Award: Hugo

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