Thursday, 26 January 2012

You let me sleep because you can't bear to have breakfast with me

The Reader (2008)

I'm going to re-use some of my reviews from my Myspace days especially if I'm running a little late or just a bit dopey and can't be arsed to put much thought into it. But also I enjoy some of the stuff I've written and want it on here.
More or less chose this at random. I liked the line about sex (tee hee).

Very formally shot, rather rigid Oscar bait. Kate Winslet is quite stunning but the film never really gels as a character piece and has little to say of interest about the history it is dealing with.
A major plot point hinges on a secret that one character finds so shameful they would rather be thought a murderous Nazi than reveal (and despite how obvious it is the film feels it nessecary to flashback to the oh so heavy handed 'clues' it gave us) and it comes across as a bit daft really.
As it is a serious Kate Winslet drama, there is oodles of sex.

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