Thursday, 5 January 2012

We'll see who's powerless now!

Wall-E (2008)

Some may suggest that I am reaching in my last couple of days worth of entries. That rather frivolous assumptions are all well and good but don't actually represent what is happening on screen. And that's true. I am of course being rather tongue in cheek. 
But (apart from one stretch that I will own to you) today's reading is all from exactly what happens in the film.

Basically I believe the main star of Wall-E to be less as presented on the poster and more this:
It's Jeffrey Dahmer for those lucky enough not to know.

We initially see our 'hero' cannibalise others of his kind. I assume (though it's not particularly supported by the text) that he has in fact murdered the rest of the Wall-E units in order to survive this long by dismembering them, stripping them of vitals. It can't be just luck that has him being the only one left - we start after all that has happened but clearly see the cannibalism. It may be hard to argue a sexual charge from this act but this depraved loner is benefiting from a form of necrophilia.

When we finally see him interact with another person he is quite aggressive, not taking no for an answer and consistantly rebuked. This forces him to take rather drastic action and on offering her something that seems fairly benign she shuts down completely. 
So after drugging her, with the robotic form of a roofie, he continues a relationship that she can literally not say no to. That heart warming bit in the trailer where they hold hands? She's unconscious. Creepy as all hell.

Tomorrow: Bambi is Hitler.

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