Friday, 10 October 2014

An atom bomb goes off between my legs.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

<deep, gravely voice> sin city 2. damn. facebook cries to me of its need. like a wounded puppy. we dont have to have yet another voice telling you how bad it is, but here i am anyway. weak, like all woman, unless they get naked, or wear bondage gear, then they are strong but still on my terms. strong, as long as i can look at their tits. i sit here and tell you everything i am doing. the keys on the keyboard clack as i type. tak tak tak. it is the only keyboard i have ever loved. for no real reason i call you a whore. what am i doing here, don't worry i wont show you when i can just tell you. there is no need for faces when everybody simply says what they are thinking. tak tak tak, the keys sound repetitious as my fingers crash down on them. as they are doing now. and now. round and round it all goes. i also call you a whore. tak tak tak.

Cheating today slightly by reposting my facebook status above and adding a couple of notes.
The film is pretty worhtless, only the Joseph Gordon Levitt story feels semi interesting (a short Tales of the Unexpected type thing with a bleak but half way clever punchline) and Eva Green once again shines in sub-par material.

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