Tuesday, 21 October 2014

She had another name once. An ancient and powerful name.

Krull (1983)

In just about every conceivable way it is terrible. It makes no sense, both with plot and world building. It seems uncomfortable being neither Star Wars nor Lord of the Rings and sits awkwardly doing nothing particularly noteworthy. But as a child this was one of my most watched films. 
In my hazy memory of youth it feels like I watched this every other time I would be at my aunt's house (the other visits would be taken up with The Princess Bride). I've certainly not seen it in full in many, many years (recurring motif of these last reviews). Bits stick in the mind; a cyclops being crushed by a door (i certainly never realised at the time that this was one of the guys bumbling around Carry On movies), an old man carrying his life in his hand as sand (which is, I confess quite cool but i dont really get why it happens - the movie arbitrarily makes up stuff as it goes along with little rhyme nor reason), the castle moving around as if run by Count Duckula.
It follows a pretty rote (and often baffling) quest narrative but the Princess here lacks the spark of Leia, and the Glaive (pictured above) is not exactly a lightsaber.

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