Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Take your flunky and dangle

Miller's Crossing (1990)

Nobody knows anybody, not that well...

Pure bliss from start to finish.
The Coens are just operating at peak on all levels here. Smart, incredibly funny, perfectly paced with great kinks in the plot that don't feel simply like a rote pastiche. Instead it is filled with a bleak nihilism that still packs an emotional punch and features side characters that have more life to them than most movies' main ones.
Byrne has never been better and is ably supported by an absolutely stellar cast grabbing that amazing dialogue and matching the terrific visuals with vocal flair. Every line is quotable, the camera is controlled beautifully and Carter Burwell gives a score for the ages.
There is a very slight whiff of homophobia in the fact that the film's gay characters do not have pleasant endings for sure but the flip side of that is that they are fascinating, dynamic people and in one case correct about the details of the labyrinthine plot happening around them and get to drive the movie forwards.

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