Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I'm a little bit desperate, I can't pay my bills

The Rewrite (2014)

A well performed, but considerably banal offering made worse by having a character who should know better than the film itself. At one point, teaching some young students how to make better screenplays he circles a bit of dialogue, writing a comment "too convenient". 5 minutes later one of those students tells him she cant write a more personal movie because people keep telling her she's not deep. Just awful. I was unable to scrawl in red ink over the cinema screen (im on my second warning already) "too blunt. to convenient. not one actually talks like that".
In two days I will have completely forgotten this film.
Except maybe for the really terrible poster the film within the film that won an Oscar has. I see this a lot, where fake movie posters always look so bad, which is true of a lot of real posters too but just stick out as posters that would never actually get made for films (frequently because of course they can't put actors on them I guess).

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