Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Progress. Not Perfection.

The Equalizer (2014)

Recently I was discussing The Punisher with a friend. The reason he has a position within the marvel comics universe is that he is quite unusual situated in the world of superheroes. But as a movie figure he is pretty dull. Serves little point. Because there are a hundred and one Punisher movies already out there (of course that is also the reason he's had 3 attempts already - Hollywood loves repetition, and my friend seemed to suggest towards a Punisher movie more in the vein of The Guest,and perhaps a stylish throwback like that could work, I think Frank Castle might be better used as an antagonist in the Daredevil teevee show though).
This is one of the hundred and one movies. Dreary nonsense for the most part, little to distinguish it from a Taken or a Death Wish. It's almost admirable how it tries to set up a Le Samurai style tone, going through the motions of a guy keeping his lethal abilities in check. But as a mood piece or a character study it's sorely under cooked. Nothing particularly interesting is gleaned and it ends up just being time killer before the ok, but hardly pulse quickening, action.

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