Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hari Kari is also suicide

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)
Chosen by Beckeh Lee (who wrote it on delightful Domo themed paper - but also uses full circles rather than dots above the letter 'i') who had this to say: 'Thanks to this being one of Seymour's [her partner's] favourite films, there's now several hours of my life I won't get back. Fetish-wise it's everything you'd expect from Japan - fucking weird. Seymour sees the serious story behind it, and the issues with privitising the police.

Made before the recent filmaday entry Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl this is a similar exercise in excess, though it's satire is more obvious to me (I still don't get half of the school stuff in that previous movie) and comes across as a Japanese Robocop - down to fake adverts (one for 'cutesy' knives to cut yourself with a rather unsettling trend he has in both films) and focus on a privitised police force.
Again it starts to actually bore with it's shock tactics as they are so relentlessly cartoonish (though I did turn away squeemishly at the main character slicing at her wrists and a guy getting a drill put through his ankle). I may have used this line before - but when everything is turned up to 11, 11 isn't that special anymore.

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  1. "when everything is turned up to 11, 11 isn't that special anymore."

    Too right, mate.

    I know I've seen this film, and I know it was carnage, and I know which barn in Wales it was I watched it in, but I think I may have been drunked, cos I don't remember a damn thing else.