Sunday, 31 July 2011

What if a human bean saw you?

Arrietty (2010)
Chosen by me because I like going to the cinema a lot.

Absolutely adorable. One of the most purely joyous films of the year.
Terrific animation (the cat has more character than most human characters in any movies) and a contagious love for exploration but also doesn't shy away from more complicated ideas like death and loss.
It's ending is a little bittersweet (the kid still has a dicky ticker after all no matter what 'courage' he says he has been given) but it achieves genuine sentiment through solid storytelling and a compelling, brilliantly realised female character (I believe Joss Whedon once said something along the lines of the only place he used to be able to see strong woman in cinema was James Cameron and Studio Ghibli).

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