Friday, 8 July 2011

you put blood in the chocolate. not love.

Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009)
Chosen by me as it was free online and mentioned briefly in Kim Newman's new edition of the excellent Nightmare Movies.

Utterly bonkers.
An incredibly offensive movie in many ways (set at a high school it has cliques of girls who love cutting themselves and enter school sanctioned competitions for it and a group who go 'blackface') yet too silly and cartoonish to actually get bothered by.
It spends a lot of time on essentially inconsequential characters (the two groups above are only in the film so that the 'Frankenstein Girl' has strong arms and legs) with bizarre non-sequiturs and overt winking at the audience (the Frankenstein of the story gets an odd dance sequence with a latex clad nurse where they look directly at the camera).
Incredibly gory, heads explode, people are cut in half but apart from one image of the Vampire Girl dancing in  a shower of blood whilst being photographed by a pervert teacher none of it really sticks.

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