Monday, 18 July 2011

The world's biggest film nerd

Dead Snow (2009)
Chosen by Sam Dale who had this to say: 'It's spam in a cabin plus Nazi zombies. In Norwegian. It's a great little film. Many nods to classic horror films, lots of black humour, some very silly gore. Like it a lot.'

Nazi zombies in the snow. That's as much thought as went into this film and is probably enough for most people who are watching this.
But even Evil Dead laid out why it's craziness was happening with more care than this slapdash effort (which wastes a viewpoint filmnerd character too early - though he does get to fuck the pretty lady i guess) which seems happy to make reference to a few movies but never really does anything clever with this.
The gore is mostly imaginative (second time this year I have seen intestines used as rope) but it's all rather mean spirited and pointless.

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