Friday, 1 July 2011


Mutants (2009)
Chosen from a list of DVDs Victoria Charvill was giving away.

I have a horrid fear of people standing in or near roads in the movies. I get convinced they will be hit by a car. It doesn't matter what type of film it is. A comedy, a drama, a horror. It can sometimes be so distracting to me I can't concentrate on the scene, as I tense up and expect doom on wheels to come any second (it's also why I can't watch the Final Destination films now which play this feeling out to anything in shot). The way film controls the screen, with no peripheral vision just drives me crazy.
Mutants begins with a similar thing I find annoying - the survivor of a horrid event being hit by a suddenly appearing vehicle. A lazy nihilistic joke, that serves little purpose.
But once the film gets going it has a low key, quiet approach to the zombie apocalypse focussing on one couple until it's last act plays with the usual dull running around screaming and shooting for the most part.
Far better than a lot of it's ilk but still a bit second hand.

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