Tuesday, 19 July 2011

...you do this thing... it's so cute I wanna kill myself.

The Perfect Catch a.k.a. Fever Pitch (2005)
Chosen by Phoebe Lau who had this to say about it: 'I can't remember why I like it, sorry, I can't really remember what made me watch it in the first place but it's a bittersweet romantic comedy that definitely makes good use of Jimmy Fallon's charming take on the remake as a Red Sox fan and the amazing break of the curse of the Bambino that every Red Sox fan knows about. I suppose it's a film that balances out both a baseball fan's love and how to love women I guess. :/
It's also got great scenes and tech used to make it look really real'.

The UK dvd cover is even more than this believe it or not
A mostly fun Rom-Com it suffers from my usual issue with the male lead being a complete jerk for most of the running time (and indeed rewarded at the end for it).
Barrymore is endearing as ever though she could do this role in her sleep.
There is some ok comedy support (Willie Garson is great here) and some good lines well delivered.
The Farrelly's make good use of Boston but don't quite bring out it's mythic qualities in a way, say, Ben Affleck does (like this film his The Town makes extensive use of Fenway Park).

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