Wednesday, 31 August 2011

He's an angry elf.

Elf (2003)
Chosen by me. God knows why?

I get I'm not the target audience for this film but seriously it's just so lazy in it's supposedly heart warming Christmas-time message.
James Caan, looking bored throughout, turns from arsehole to hero pop for absolutely no reason what so-ever. Zooey Deschanel dates the unstable Will Ferrel because... who the fuck knows (biggest laugh of the film - her saying she won't sing)?
Most of the jokes seem to involve two people saying 'yes it is' and 'no it isn't' to each other.
Sloppy, mostly charmless and loud.
Still it's much better than Santa Claus: The Movie I guess.


  1. Wash your mouth out with soap and water - Santa Claus: The Movie is amazing!

  2. no. no. no.
    somethings you just don't joke about.
    that film is a war crime.

  3. Oh shush Mr Grinch, SC:TM is my childhood on a disk. Who can deny the charms of David Huddleston as Santa Claus? Lovely film. Ok, so I'm not that bothered about the Dudley Moore/John Lithgow bits, but they're overshadowed by the awesome reindeer.