Friday, 12 August 2011

You just said he was putting a load in some pinhead's dryer last night.

Kaboom (2010)
Chosen by Brian Marshall who had this to say: 'a strange film, it starts out as one thing then ends up something completely different. Witty scripting pushes this towards a comedy sex film, but the sex is like that you'd find in a 12A and the comedy moves towards lunacy as the film draws to a close. There's a mystery. A girl may or may not have gone missing and may or may not have been murdered. There may be creepy men running round in animal masks or it all could be the results of drugged cookies. Everything collides as the film quite literally rushes towards its ending leaving you realising that what you've just watched is 'nuttier than squirrel shit''

My college experience was nothing like this but movies keep insisting it should have been a drug fuelled orgiastic rampage.
Still the film is a fun romp, mixing in superhero beats (there's a brief discussion about a character's name coming from a Marvel comic) and Lynchian oddness (a very bizarre end of the world cult) with teen sex comedy stuff and the usual Araki frankness.
Sex and sexuality are as fluid as the loose grip on reality our main character has (though the strangeness begins before he has the potentially drugged cookie, leading to maybe a 'straight' reading of the plot). Others define him as homosexual but he seems less preoccupied with that and spends a lot of time fucking Juno Temple (rather wonderful here). 

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