Monday, 29 August 2011

What you want me to say is, 'I love you'. Well I don't. I hate you, you little slut...

Brighton Rock chosen by Emma Jones who had this to say: 'This version of Brighton Rock is one of those rare films that doesn't let the novel down (mainly I suppose because Greene wrote the screenplay himself). I was first attracted to it through my love of all things Graham Greene (though I must admit I prefer Our Man in Havana and The End of The Affair). It is fast-paced, well-acted and showcases the wonderful Richard Attenborough's talents as the sadistic 'Pinkie'. The only thing that lets the film down is the ending which is softened by a ray of hope in the final scenes - the very opposite to the novel. Even with that in mind it is still an excellent film that trial blazes the path for all the angry young things who follow.'

I still haven't read the novel since reviewing the recent version (here), but a lot of my feelings towards that film apply here. Rose is still too slight a character and the plot hinges too many times on Brighton being a very small town. Pinkie too is still under served by the script but Attenborough's intense glowering performance makes up for it. The recording he makes still one of the more brutal things I have seen in film and the element of 'miracle' at the films climax a saving grace from wallowing in too much misery.

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