Thursday, 9 June 2011

Actually, I was on the bottom, coach, she was on the top

Coach Carter (2005)
Supplied, but not chosen, by Victoria Charvill from a stack of DVDs she was giving away.

It's not terrible whilst it has Jackson being a bit of a hard ass trying to motivate a group of losers into bettering themselves but when it delves into the personal lives of the players, or school politics or even the game itself it becomes a terribly annoying, cliched (christ, how many times can we see the same last seconds of the clock to score trope played out?) bore.

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  1. I found this OK. I like watching Jackson, but the film seems to have been done too many times before. I did crack up at the line about the "ghetto called wanting their name back" when the girl was naming her baby. It was a while ago that I watched this so I may be misremembering.