Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kill off all my demons, Roy, and my angels might die, too.

Transiberian (2008)
Chosen by me from a pile of DVDs Victoria Charvill was giving away.

A reasonably solid thriller from the interesting Brad Anderson (who had one entry in filmaday already - the machinist, one of my most viewed, also made the terrific Session 9 and worked on a lot of great teevee in the last few years).
It plays to American fears (all Russians are lazy or corrupt, foreigners generally are not to be trusted) but skews it slightly (the most horrific act is carried out by an American).
To start the clues are vague enough that either of the couples we see could be the drug mules (ala the killers in A Perfect Getaway) before settling into a Hitchcockian wrong place wrong time film (the thwarted attempts to get rid of the contents of a bag are kinda funny in their repetition but no less nerve wracking) and switching a little to a almost Straw Dogs style timid people being forced into action tropes (Woody Harrelson is quite good here).

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