Thursday, 2 June 2011

Only one good man ever got into Parliament

The Way Ahead (1944)
Chosen by Darron Bowley who had this to say: 'This film makes me feel all patriotic and nostalgic. It was originally an army training film that was expanded and re-made into a movie and as such is a wonderful example of wartime film making/propaganda (I believe it was even released on D-Day itself!). Perhaps because of the films origins, it feels more authentic than say Full Metal Jacket (very similer in story now I think of it, following men going through training and then into war. very differnet tones though). Even down to a combat engagement where they never actually see the enemy. The cast is a classic who's who of english talent as well. Maybe I'm just as sucker but I find the ending quite rousing!'

All so terribly British and stiff upper lip what. It clearly functions as propaganda for the war effort (it may have the lowest casualty rate of any war film I've ever seen - no British and a few faceless Germans) but is well put together and not entirely one sided. It does suggest that 'Boot Camp' would be a pain in the arse - although naturally completley worth it in the end.
It's filmed with a certain panache by Carol Reed and well, if plummily, performed by it's cast.

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