Sunday, 12 June 2011

I want to report a murder.

D.O.A. (1950)
Chosen by me from a list of public domain films on youtube

This has one of those killer premises - a man comes into the police to report his own murder (despite a note at the end of the credits that everything that happens is medically accurate the poison is mightily convenient and more than a little daft).
It has some film noir charm, a propulsive, twisty plot that dead-ends itself constantly to carry on by bringing the Chandler Man With A Gun trope in to kickstart things off again.
It's a little too clunkily made though (an annoying wolf whistle sound over every beautiful woman in one scene doesn't help matters), not quite tight enough on it's script (if Edmond O'Brien had more of an interesting performance to offer he may have smoothed over some of the nonsense) to match up with ome of the great Noirs but is a decent fun movie for the most part.

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