Saturday, 18 June 2011

Anything I see in my mind, I can create...

Green Lantern (2011)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot (and Peter Sarsgaard is often awesome)

At times shockingly inept. Stuart Baird has proved himself a very capable editor but here no-one seemed to have any confidence or control over how the scenes worked. Time and time again it seemed to second guess itself, cutting to an incredibly short shot of some Lanterns flying through space before progressing to another dull scene as if saying 'don't worry the good stuff will be along shortly'.
And then of course didn't deliver on that good stuff anyway.
Green Lantern seems mostly indebted to the recent Iron Man franchise, following it's through lines almost slavishly (oh dear god - more fucking daddy issues, not just from the hero but also one of the villains, so help me Christ) but with none of the modest sophistication the first one managed. Reynolds is certainly no Downey Jnr. substituting charm with smarm and without any of the wit (a retort to someone telling him to 'watch his back' is soooo bad I still wonder if I heard it right).
It's action scenes are horridly short, featuring no natural build up or semblance of pace. Training sessions just seem to end suddenly. The Lanterns construct powers threaten at a couple of moments to be quite cool but then the scene is over, and on the whole despite being told he can create anything they are dully pedestrian. A bad guy is killed off by another bad guy for little to no real effect whatsoever. Nobody seems to have any reason to be doing anything they do. At one point a character mentions he is Hal Jordan's best friend, which was probably the most shocking moment of the film as it seemed to come from nowhere and then he disappears anyway.
This film didn't need any of the Corps and Parralax crap, it would have been tighter, hopefully have given us a villain with proper motivation and character (instead of a nebulous knock-off of the bad guys from the Fantastic Four sequel and The Fifth Element) and offered somewhere to expand to.
Instead Green Lantern shoots it's load all too quickly into a rather soiled rag.

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