Monday, 13 June 2011

Are you trying to tell me a disembodied DICK did this?

One Eyed Monster (2008)
Chosen by me as I like Amber Benson and wanted to have a small theme to the next few days.

So begins ex-Whedonites in horror comedies week (actually probably 3 days) here at filmaday. We start with Amber Benson (Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in a pretty dreadful film.
As with a lot of horror comedies this is neither scary nor particularly funny and seems to exist to hero worship the pornstar Ron Jeremy (mostly famous for looking pretty ugly - which gets a good gag here as the director asks a naked Jeremy to take off his sweater, and sucking his own, rather sizeable dick) and play with some references from Jaws (Charles Napier is terrific, if a little tired looking, as a Vietnam Vet who gets his Quint speech, just substitute a killer dick for the sharks).
Everything is done on the very, very cheap (the characters keep talking about a snowstorm coming but the weather is lovely and sunny and when it does materialise barely feels present), it hides the killer dick for a long, long time (making some of what is happening a little confusing at times but always dull).
Benson is fine but mostly looks sleepy (was everyone having so much fun making it they were too tired when it actually came to filming scenes?), the jokes are not so good.

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