Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hold it! Watch out for his iron hoop.

The Ways of Kung Fu (1978)
Chosen from a list of DVDs Victoria Charvill was getting rid of.

Being scored and dubbed as though it were a Carry On film (London accents coming from Shaolin Monks is moderately amusing) does nothing to make this dull, repetitive chop socky flick particularly watchable.
After an interminable 50 mins of just dreadful physical comedy and horrid over-acting we then get about 40 mins of endless fairly boring fight scenes.
None of it makes much sense (I drifted off a bit but don't really know why the bad guy was doing what he was doing or where the 'policeman' came from) and seems to go in circles endlessly.
A quick IMDB check claims the score comes from Mel Brook's Silent Movie, so there we go. I did once see an early Jackie Chan movie that used the Emperor's March from the Star Wars movies.

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