Friday, 21 January 2011

Fort Sumter has been fired upon.

The General (1926)
Chosen by me from my stack of unwatched DVDs.

I use as my titles for each blog entry a quote from the film that I think is funny or indicitive of the movie or just something I can remember (I should possibly take notes, for a couple of films I've had to watch the trailer afterwards to pull a quote) so of course I decided to catch a silent movie last night. Not known for their illuminating dialogue, I could have just gone for a simple '...' but since I've got at least 2 more silent films on the pile that joke would get old fast. And seeing as I don't know how to write the plinky piano sounds of the soundtrack I've settled for one of the dialogue cards. So there we go.

That is more than I am likely to write about the film itself, which I found a little dull. A weak ineffectual lead bumbles his way through to being a hero, undeservedly. This would be fine if it was funny, but a couple of neat gags aren't enough for it's 75 mins running time, despite some good looking shots and obvious love for the trains.

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  1. Oo, we have this at number 18 of our list. I like Keaton though and I figure it has to be better than sitting through Titanic again.