Tuesday, 11 January 2011

You're not afraid of me...are you?

Season of the Witch (2010)

Chosen by me because I like to go to the cinema a lot.
Not nearly as bad as perhaps it could have been which means it's also not nearly as interesting as it could have been. A rather tiresome road trip, it hides its' twist reasonably well (i don't mean the question of whether Clare Foy is evil or not - that's covered pretty early and by the trailer but there we go) if you're not paying close attention. But if you are, I'm not sure it quite makes sense anyway.
Cage sleepwalks his way through the role and nobody can seem to settle on an accent or, I imagine, any reason to be in this film. Fight scenes mostly consist of men or wolves throwing themselves onto weapons being held by Ron Perlman or Cage. So basically could have been replaced with strategically placed trees.


  1. Oh dear, sounds dull, think you might have saved me some cash here...

  2. Once upon a time, I liked watching ol Cage in films - Con Air and Face Off ferinstance.

    Nowadays he's a portent of doom.

  3. ah cage is great in bad lieutenant