Monday, 10 January 2011

He must've tripped over Des O'Connor.

Eric & Ernie

Photograph: BBC/Colin Hutton/BBC
Chosen by me. Because it was on iplayer and I've always liked them. Oh and it's made for teevee but I've set up no rules about that so I'm counting it.
Morecambe and Wise are one of the British comedy institutions that I have some fondness for but also don't really know much about. This was a strong, funny film with an interesting glimpse into the last days of vaudeville and early television. Well performed, by the young versions of the double act particularly, this went through the usual beats of a biopic but felt a little less second hand than some (god help me if I see another one about a struggling musician who makes good and then bad and then good).


  1. I loved this movie (sounds odd calling something that was made for TV a movie, but still) so very much, and agree that the acting was great. I particularly loved Jim Moir, who I normally don't have much time for.

  2. yeah I'm not a massive bio-pic fan but this one was pretty damn good.